Information Technology Dept.

ITD's Principals of Customer Service

449 views December 18, 2017

ITD's Principals of Customer Service

County Administrator's Office

Alameda County: This is Who We Are

424 views November 22, 2017

Alameda County, California, was established in 1853. The County was created from the territory of...

ReThink AC

Rethink 2017 Participants Feedback

659 views November 20, 2017

Checkout what the 2017 Rethink participants had to say about the event.

County Administrator's Office

Meeting Today's Challenges, Preparing for Tomorrow

482 views October 12, 2017

Alameda County Annual Report 2017 - Meeting Today's Challenges, Preparing for Tomorrow

County Administrator's Office

It All Starts With An Idea

413 views December 29, 2015

We produced a video that demonstrates the power of implementing ideas that have a positive impact...

County Administrator's Office

Bold Vision for Today and The Future

3 views July 19, 2018

Alameda County's Annual Report for 2017-2018 - Bold Vision for Today and The Future

Information Technology Dept.

ITD's 2018 NACo Achievement Awards

8 views July 17, 2018

ITD was awarded 11 of the 19 2018 National Association of Counties (NACo) Awards given to Alameda...

Information Technology Dept.

ITD is Warriors Ground

41 views June 12, 2018

ITD is Warriors Ground - Back to Back Champs!!

Information Technology Dept.

ITD Tech Summit

168 views April 30, 2018

ITD Tech Summit

Citizens & Youth Academy


392 views December 21, 2017

Description: ProCheck is a mobile-friendly website with two environments: one for probationers,...

Information Technology Dept.

ITD's 2017 Recap

403 views December 19, 2017

A look back on some of the PROCESSES and PRODUCTS implemented and improved. We look forward to...

County Administrator's Office

Stone Soup Food Drive & Design Competition 2017

651 views December 19, 2017

Alameda County Stone Soup Food Drive & Design Competition 2017 16 County departments competed...

Citizens & Youth Academy

Chub (Community Hub)

357 views December 06, 2017

Community Housing and Urban Board. For Us, By Us. CHUB is about helping those who are homeless...

Citizens & Youth Academy


299 views November 29, 2017

ACDApp will provide a way to communicate with family members and friends in case of disaster....

Citizens & Youth Academy

CandiDate – “The Tinder of Voting”

365 views November 29, 2017

CandiDate is an app that helps members of the public learn about candidates, measures, and other...