AC Restart (a) - Best of the Best Award

July 15, 2019 rethink ac 2019
10x Goal(s): Eliminate Homelessness, Healthcare for All, Employment for All, Eliminate Poverty and Hunger
"Restore, Renew, Restart"

The vast majority of homeless and at-risk people only know a few of the resources available to them. AC Retart is an easy to use app which connects homeless individuals and families with the resources they need. It also allows registered organizations to share upcoming service events with users to increase the effectiveness of these events. The app will bring together access to Housing, Food, Healthcare, Employment help, Financial Literacy and incorporates resources and services from both government services (such as CalFresh) and outside organizations. It integrates with SSA, HCSA, ACSO and more, allowing SSA employees to use it as a tool to help connect their clients. Additionally, the app usage data will provide metrics to help County analysts find out what services are being sought after the most and at what times and locations.

AC Restart is different from 211 in that it provides available services by customized by location and demographics, so the user can quickly find what they need most urgently, and also seek out services for long term plans.

The app will be preloaded on free phones issued through My Lifeline program.

Teammates: Jay Wong, Michael Good, Shawn Cato, Diana Carvalho, Jessica Havens, Ashwin Swenson, Jameka Polk, Jennifer Schulz, Sean Nero, Simbiat Atanda, Jennelle Shores